A Unique Preschool Curriculum

A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education, created to speak to the heart of a young child, was published by YWAM's University of the Nations.  Barb Nizza directed the publishing project and continues its oversight and distribution from the YWAM Ozarks campus.

Key Benefits of this Curriculum

Used for 30 years, A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education helps you

Tried & Tested

A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education is user-friendly, making room for creative, innovative, and confident teaching. It has been:

A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education is designed for those who believe children can know God and for those who want to lead them into that very meaningful relationship.

A Seven Part Package

1 Teacher’s Guide

Manual 1 is the The Teacher’s Guide: An introductory manual of teacher tips and tools, compiled from a host of educators

3 Lesson Plan Manuals

A photo of all 5 manualsForty-two complete teaching units in three manuals, each rooted in the character of God.

1 Biblical Discipline Manual

Manual 5 is titled “Training in Righteousness,” and functions as a classroom handbook designed to lead children to the Scriptures when having behavior difficulties.

1 Music CD

Produced by Scripture in Song, a division of Integrity Music, the “I Hide Away Your Word in My Heart” CD contains 42 Scripture songs, put to lively, easy-to-learn music. It features Barry McGuire, Evie Karlsson, and a talented children’s choir.

1 Full Set of Creation Posters

A photo of the creation posters Twelve full-color teaching posters by artist Bryan Pollard and two matching sets for children’s hands-on use dramatically depict God’s creation of the world from the opening chapter of Genesis. This set also includes the script “Long, Long Ago.”

Download Curriculum Samples

The following are PDF samples of a page from Training in Righteousness, an article from the Teacher’s Guide, and Unit F1 from Knowing God our Father.

A thumbnail of this sample PDF A thumbnail of this sample PDF A thumbnail of this sample PDF

Ready to Order?

There are two easy ways to order:

  1. Call Barb Nizza at 479-667-1152 or email her.
  2. Download the Curriculum Order form (PDF) and mail it with payment* to
    • Early Childhood Curriculum Project
      YWAM Ozarks
      7119 Mountain View Dr.
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*Prices are listed on the order form

The Complete Curriculum

A photo of the entire curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

How many teaching themes are in the curriculum?

42 Units. Each theme, or unit, is based on a biblical principle that transcends culture or fads.

What age level does it cover?

It has been designed primarily for children ages three, four, five, and six. Some teachers have used the principles outlined in the units to adapt for older children.

Can this be used in a Sunday School or home-school?

The curriculum layout allows for easy adaptation to different formats and teaching venues. Its design of five days’ worth of lessons for each of the 42 units, or themes, can be shortened or extended according to the particular group of children.

Do the teaching manuals correspond to different ages of preschoolers?

No. The same unit can be taught to a 3 year old, a 4 year old, and a 5 year old. So if a child is in your preschool for three years, he may hear lessons from units three times. But at this stage of his life, the repetition only serves to reinforce the principles and add confidence to his learning.

How can I teach all 42 units in my school year?

You probably won’t get through all of them in a year. So the second year you teach, you can pick some new units that were missed the previous year. The curriculum is intended to give you more than what you might be able to use.

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